Zip's Page
Zip, or Zipper, as we sometimes call him, was a tiny little black puppy born to a black and
white parti female called  DeeDee  that we had obtained as an adult from a breeder that
was downsizing her kennel. His mom was tiny and not that pretty, but Zip was tiny AND
beautiful. He has a beautiful coat and the most wonderful disposition... very lovable and
soo friendly He is also very smart. Actually we kept him because he was so small we were
afraid he may not make it.... but he did. He stayed very healthy, but remained much
smaller than an average Cocker. Zip has given us the most beautiful, and all smaller than
average, Cocker Spaniel Puppies.. He has a beautiful long and full coat. We usually breed
him to Libby who looks a lot like him and is also small. They have made so many very
pretty black puppies together. We just love.. love... love  him.
Zip and Libby
A lady from Crowley Louisiana  who had adopted a black and white puppy from us that
was not related to Zipper called and asked us if she could use Zip as a stud for her two
year old female. We let her take Zip home with her to breed to her female.  Zip was
getting kinda old. I guess he was about seven years old. She kept him but he  tried and
could never  tie up with her girl. She took him to her vet and her vet said he may never
be able to because of his age.  She said Zip  simply "adored" her female called  Oreo.
She said that both she AND Oreo adored Zipper and she was sorry to have to bring him
back. I knew that if I was going to stay in the dog business I would have to use anoher
stud, so I asked her if she wanted to keep him. I knew he would have a good loving
home , he would be happy there, and I wouldn't have to worry about hiim . So she kept
him. She never did try to breed Oreo to anoher stud. She later  talked to me about him,
and has  also e-mailed me .  She said he is very happy there and loves her and Oreo very
much. They adore him, and why am I not surprized? He is an adorable dog. In the
mornings I still miss his cute little face in mine  giving kisses.
Oreo, Zip's
Oreo  and
Mom,Patricia ,when
she first adopted her
Zip's Mom
Update, October19, 2013
I just heard from Pratricia on Facebook. She told me that although Zipper was
now hard of hearing, that he is still alive and doing well. She said that he and
Oreo take care of one another. I am so gld he has a happy life and that I did the
right thing by giving him to Patricia to live out the rest of his life. God is Good.