Trudy and Tilly are chocolate and white party girls that we adopted from a breeder in
Beaumont, Texas. They are  tiny little girls, sisters from the same litter,  full grown and
weighing less than 15 lbs. Both are very affectionate. We are hoping to breed them to
our little poodle, Joey, for some Cockapoos.  They have such  precious little faces with a
short turned up noses and very long ears.They are good bed fellows and i call them my
"bed buddies". We love them very much.


Trudy was the quieter of the two, but loved to cuddle.  Tillie was the more curious one.
She hated to be "locked up" or put in a kennel or cage of any type. Although we had a
huge dog yard for them to play in she kept trying ways to get out to " see the world" and
often did. Of course the others followed.  This became a problem and we knew that one
day Tillie would get out, the others would follow,  and we would lose a lot of our dogs,
especilly if it happened when we were not at home at the time.  We knew we had to find
a good, loving home for them. We thought we had.There was a man in south Louisiana
that was starting a kennel . We visited with him and his dogs and it seemed right, so we  
GAVE  them to him. We were DEAD WRONG.  He had had them only a few months
before he SOLD  them, along with some others we had GIVEN  him ( thinking we were
just helping the poor guy out) to a HUGE kennel operation (puppy mill) in Florida. He
then e mailed me and bragged that he received $500 a piece for them. I was devastated. I
hope I am wrong but I know they were miserable, especially Tilly. I often think about
them and now know how wrong you can be about some people...........  See update that
follows pictures
Trudy with her litter
of Cockapoo puppies
October 2013
I think about these precious darlings often and blame myself for their fate. I saw on the
Humane  Society website that they had closed down a lot of these puppy mills in Florida,
rescued the dogs and put them in foster homes. I hope and seriously  pray that the twins were
some that they rescued, and that they found loving homes for them. They were so sweet and
affectionate. I hope that their stay in the puppy mills didn't scar them emotionally for life or
perhaps take their lives.