Emily Rose is a puppy from Dottie's very first litter. We kept her and a little red and white girl we call Lucy. Emily is a
beautiful red cocker with a full coat. She is one of what we refer to as the "three amigos", which is made of of Emily, Lucy and
Julieanne.. The three are real buddies. Where one is the other two will be. Both Emily and Lucy, being Dotties daughters....
well... what one doesnt think of to get in trouble the other one will. Julie is a little older, but she thinks those two hung the
moon. We thought Dottie got into a lot of trouble when she was a puppy, but she cant compare to her daughters. Lucy went to a
loving home, but we kept both Emily and Julieanne. They are considered grown dogs now but still act "puppy" and both have
stayed small, especially Emily. She is really a dainty little girl. Emily Rose is a very pretty and very  lovable little girl.
Julieanne was the most curious of the three and as a result she was killed at an early age when she ran out the gate and got
killed by a car. We stil miss her and grieve for her at times.                     UPDATED AFTER PICTURES
Emily Rose
Emily Rose's Page
JUNE 28,  2013
Emily was a puppy we kept from Dottie's first litter. She was a beautiful puppy, a brilliant solid red, and very small for a
cocker.  At a young age, about three months old she developed PARVO, but with constant, loving care she beat it. Our vet, Dr
Smith was amazed when we brought her in later for a check up, a lively and healthy puppy. He said it was incredible because
so few survive parvo. She had a strong will to live. Years afterwards she gave us many litters of beautiful, healthy puppies.
When she got older she had what we thought to be a minor stroke and a convulsion and we thought for sure we would lose
her then, but again, with constant loving care she pulled throught and survived except for a slight limp in one of her back
legs. She lived several happy years after that, but when she developed congestive heart failure it was just too much for her.
One  night I noticed she was struggling breathing, but still walking around eating, jumping on to the bed, etc. Later that night
she became very weak. I picked her up and put her in the bed between us and stroked her head. Her breathing slowed down
and she seemed relaxed, knowing that she was loved.. She was dead the next morning.. It was almost like losing a child. She
was born and raised here and knew only love and kindness all her life,  We will miss her greatly and she will always be in our
hearts as will her mother, Dottie. I like to believe that her mom, Dottie and her best friend , Julieanne, were  waiting to romp
and play with her on the other side of the rainbow bridge.