Elvis's Page
Elvis Valentino  is his name.  We  named him that because he was a Valentine's Day present from
my husband and soulmate, Carroll. One day I saw Carroll looking at the classifieds and I asked
him what he was doing. He said he was looking for a little male poodle to give me for Valentine's
day and also to use as a sire for breeding to our Cocker Spaniels to get Cockapoos. We adopted
Elvis first, a black tuxedo type, but he had a little sister that I could not quit thinking about. She
was a light cream color and just adorable.  We ended up going back a couple of days later to get
Tiffany. We  brought Elvis with us to pick her up. It was just soo cute the way he was so glad to
see his sister. He couldn't wait to get to her. Elvis was a kinda shy little puppy.. Elvis said.
"Mommie I yam so gwad you adowpt ma sista, I NEED ma sista to twake cawre uf me. I yam jis a  
wittle bit fwad of da "bigdogs', but ma sista isn't fwad ah NUTTEN en she twakes care uf me. I
yam jes sooo gwad en happy yall didn't sep rate me fwom ma sista"

Elvis is a grown dog now, still a little shy, but he is now a proud PAPA, because he, along with
Gracie, a Cocker, have given  us his first litter of Cockapoos..... and they are all sooo precious.
One little girl looks just like him. His "sista" still takes care of him. Once in a while she has to
"put him in his place" as most "sistas" do, but he knows she still loves him, because afterwards
she always lets him know she is sorry and kisses him. Elvis has become a real Momma's boy.  
Momma takes care of and loves him. too.  He is always nearby......


Elvis gave us many beautiful puppies, both pure bred Poodles and Cockapoos. As Elvis got older
he, (just as men, when they get older, and sometimes have erectile dysfunction) lost his ability to
mate completely. He still had the desire but wasnt able to"hook up". As a result, he became
aggresive with the females. I guess he blamed them for his lack of ability. We were afraid he
would hurt one of them so we had him neutered, thinking it would help, but he continued to be
aggresive even with us. We had to have him put to sleep. We were afraid if we rehomed him he
would be miserable because he was so close to us. Also if we had rehomed  him  he may have been
agresive and hurt someone. Our hearts were broken as a result of this, but we felt it was the right
thing to do. We miss the shy, lovable little Elvis that he was when a young dog. We REALLY miss
him. He was "MY Valentine"