Bonnie Cocoa Kisses
Sweet as cocoa kisses.She is a beautiful solid chocolate brown
girl with beautiful light green eyes.We had been wanting a
chocolate cocker for a while. We finally obtained her and
ChocoJocko from a breeder in Missouri when they were ten
weeks old. She was named "Bonnie" by the breeder but we
renamed her "Cocoa Kisses" because she was chocolate like
cocoa and loved to give kisses. Cocoa is  my little "rag doll" lap
baby. I can't sit down but what she is up in my lap and she is as
relaxed as a  little rag doll. Cocoa doesnt let me out of her sight.
She is my shadow. She is extremely affectionate and loves to
cuddle.  Cocoa is very special to us. We love her dearly.  She
has brought us "bluebirds of happiness". We are hoping she
will give us many little chocolate drop babies.
Sweet as
And she did.! She gave us many adorable chocolate puppies.
All as sweet as chocolate fudge. In fact one was named
"Fudge". We adored her, but after so many litters she
deserved to be "retired" to a loving one dog family with
children who adored her and loved to play with her. Her
"job"was over. She was retired, spayed, and didnt have to
have any more puppies. After all, a person ,or furbaby, can
have only so much"candy."
Baby Picture