Aimee's Page
Aimee Love Glasscock
   Aimee is a very special little girl. She is a beautiful light buff girl with green eyes and a brown
nose.Since she has green eyes and a brown nose, she most likely has chocolate in her pedigree Aimee is a
very smart little girl and she is very affectionate. She loves being petted and held. She likes to just relax in
someone's lap . Aimee sleeps with us and awakes me every morning with a good ear licking.  Late in the
evening when it is near bed time she sticks to me like glue. She can't yet get into the bed by herself and she
wants to be sure I give her a lift.
  Aimee is a playing fool. She loves to play with the other puppies, run and growl and make those adorable
sounds puppies make when they are playing.
   We started paying on Aimee before she was born, and she was expensive, but we wanted another silver
female  like Pearl. The breeder was sure the pups would be, like Pearl, a true silver. You can tell as soon as
they are born if they are a true silver or not.They are actually a black dog with the silver gene. Their pads
are black, not pink. Their nose is black and, because their skin is dark like a black dog's, their little bellies
look grey. She knew from the beginning she was not silver. She grew to be a very large Cocker Spaniel.
Even though she was not what we had wanted we took her anyway and we grew to love her very much.

*********************************************************************************         We
loved Aimee very much. When we adopted her she was supposed to be a TRUE silver and she turned out to be
as dark a buff as two girls we already had.The breeder had to have known FROM THE BEGINNING  that she
was't a true silver, because she had a brown nose and true silvers have a black nose and dark skin. She was
still a beautiful and lovable girl. Our cockers are small and Aimee grew to be a HUGE GIRL.When she would
come into the bed to awake me in the morning she would almost knock me out of the bed. We never bred her.
We had a friend that simply LOVED her ....and who wouldn't, she was a beautiful and lovable girl, but just too
big for our kennel and even though very beautiful she was not what we thought we had paid for. We had her
spayed and  we gave her to what we know is a loving home, and there she is an only dog and very much loved.
We do miss her though, and think about her often.
baby pictures
Allison and Aimee...Aimee is the one darker with the big ears