Tippey's Page
Tippey was one of the few puppies that Pearl had for us. He  and one other little puppy were in the first
litter with us. Tippey was an adorable puppy. He was very smart and very friendly. Since he was Pearl's
baby he was beautiful and also  had a great pedigree with many, many champions. When Tippey was
eight weeks old I gave him to my only daughter, Annette. She was married, had a teenage son, Wesley,
and also two younger children, a girl, Silke, and a boy, Erich. They also had two cats that stayed in the
house. Tippey adored the children, especially Wesley. Wesley played with him a lot and taught him to do
tricks, such as bark when you asked him to "speak", and other things. He also loved Annette very much
and went everywhere with her. Tippey was extremely sociable,  and enjoyed visiting his human
"cousins" who lived next door. Also, he  just loved "his" cats, who were grown. Tippey loved them and
they "tolerated" him. They actually let him drag them around as if they were  stuffed dog toys. The only
problem though, was that Tippey, being a dog, and inside, needed a place to dig and hide treasures.....
That place was the cat's litter box.  Both parents worked, the kids were at school and Tippey just needed
someone to play with during the day. The humans would return home and find cat litter all over
everything. He also got into stuff. ("Well a dog needs stuff to play with doesn't he?")  He had toys, but
needed more. He wasa very, very intelligent puppy. He was and IS "Mr. Personality Plus". As you can
see, it comes out  in his pictures. His "humans" didn't have a fenced yard and he got so "adverturous"
that, sad to say, they started tying him to a tree in the yard when they were not home. This was not AT
ALL good, so my daughter asked me if I would take him back, and of course I did. He was not neutered,
but like his mom, even though beautiful, not a good breeder.. and he was also related to some of our
girls. We bred him only one time and it was to Annie, a buff girl that he was not related to. He  
developed "cherry eye" in both eyes. We didn't want to pass that along so we never bred him again. We
decided to get both his eyes fixed, get him neutered, then  find him a good home.He was used to being
the center of attention and was not really ever happy  here in a pack with other dogs. Tippey just
LOVED  the first man who took him. He was an "only dog" and he was happy.... but not for long.. the
man loved him, but  soon his wife didn't want to put up with Tippey's antics, so they brought him back. I
remember the look on Tippey's face when they returned him to me. He was not happy to be back
"home" AT ALL. He looked at the man with a face that said, "What did I do that was so bad?" I felt so
sorry for him. Luckily, we found  another family for him with some teenage boys who simply ADORE.
him........ And who wouldn't. He is adorable as you can see.... but needed discipline. They have a fenced
yard and  are "dog lovers"who were willing to put up with his antics, and teach him to be "a good
Pearl, Tippie's Mom
eight weeks old... so cute
At about three weeks old.. he looked like he
might be silver like his mom, but he got darker.
Tippey was such an adorable puppy
with lots of expression in his eyes. He
was so cute and sooo smart and
After my daughter
returned Tippey to us
we bred him only one
time. It was to our buff
girl, Annie. She had
only TWO pups and
they looked a LOT  like
him. This is one of
Tippey's puppies, a
little male  adopted by
a lady from Florida
that I met in a  dog
chat room on the
internet.They named
him Kobe
This is the lady, Tiffany, who drove
all the way from Pensacola, Fla. to
pick up Kobe , and her little daughter
Kobe was just as much
an adorable puppy  as
Tippey was. He also
has his Dad's
personality. Tiffany
told me he is
their"Heart  Dog".
They adore him.