Taffey's Page
We adopted Taffey when she was about two years old. She was given to a friend in Eunice, but didn't get along with her
female, so she asked us if we wanted her. She was a young and pretty female and we were just getting our kennel started so
we defininately  said we did.We couldn't understand why she was being passed around so much and actually had our doubts
that there must be something wrong with her, but we were willing to take the chance. She has nothing wrong with her.She is
a pretty solid dark copper with a little white on her face and chest.She has a beautiful full coat and a cute face as you can see
in the picture. She also has a cute personality. Taffey is highly affectionate, listens well, is healthy, has a pretty, full coat, and
a cute freckled face .Taffey gets along with our dogs very well. She is our treasure. Did I mention that she is also Dottie's
mom? Taffey had many beautiful puppies for us. She is a wonderful mother and a very good breeder. We have grown to
treasure her and loved her  extremely much. She loves us as well. Taffey is very happy here and we feel lucky to have her..
One of Taffey's
pups called
"Babe".She was
so smart just like
her mom and
personality plus.
It was hard to let
her go She also
looks just like
her mom.
Taffey was having her fourth litter of puppies. It was Thanksgiving Eve and she had been in labor all night.The next
morning she was still having trouble. Three puppies had been born and they were precious. We never knew what colors
Taffey would have because she had so many colors in her pedigree. She was having  a hard time. We knew she had at least
one more puppy in her because we could feel its little head. We had been invited to our daughters's house for Thanksgiving
dinner so we hoped she would hurry. I had heard giving warm milk sometimes hurried the birthing along so I gave her
some.  I could feel the pup in the birth canal and it was going to be a breach. I washed my hands real good and stuck them
into her and pulled the pup out. I couldnt feel any more pups. I cleaned up Taffey and the whelping box; we got dressed
and headed out to Thanksgiving dinner. When we got home we found Taffey in the whelping box  soaked in blood, but with
the pups still sucking. The vet said something about the placenta tearing loose or something like that, but Taffey was
DEAD. I had killed her by being selfish and in a hurry to get to Thanksgiving dinner instead of taking her to the
emergency vet. I cried the rest of the day  while we buried her in the yard with our other fur babies who had passed. I still
grieve to this day about it. I loved her so much. Fanny who had just had a litter of puppies that were now weaned,  still had
milk, so she took them and raised the four little healthy pups.
Fanny With
Taffey's sable
babies about 3
days old