Sunny Boy's  Page
Sunny Boy Glasscock
      His name is "Sunny" and he truly brings sunshine into our lives. Sunny is such an
adorable fuzzy, soft, chubby, and cuddley little boy and is sweet as any boy could be. The
girls love him. He has the most laid back little personality. Sunny loves ice cream. He can
smell the ice cream as soon as I get it out of the freezer and he emerges from wherever he
happens to be  at the time to check it out. Sunny is a polite little boy though and  he patiently
waits his turn to lick the bowls after we have eaten. He always asks if it's ok to get in the bed
by  first sticking his little cold nose on me . If I say its ok he climbs up. I don't know where he
learned his manners, it just comes naturally with him. He is a real "southern gentleman", I
guess.  Sunny loves to play. He plays and runs with Cocoa and Gracie until they are all
exhausted and  they fall down into a dead sleep. We love to watch them play. You gotta love
I did something that actually broke my heart and still
hurts today at times. Being a dog breeder is a terrible
and hurtful job sometimes. You have to do things that
you  hate to do but you know you have to, but it still
hurts. Sunny Boy's  registered name is actually Dottie's
Sunny Boy Glasscock.. We knew we couldn't use him
as a stud on many of our females  because he was
related to them . We didn't sell him right away when he
was a puppy . I got attached to him and we kept him
too long until he was a young adult dog about 10
months old and desiring to breed.You might ask, "Why
not just get him neutered?' We thought of that, but we
thought it best to re-home him, because as a breeder
you can't keep too many dogs, especially if they are "
non-functional" We had to re-home him and it broke
my heart. I still remember the look on his face when I
put him in the back seat of the lady's car. It seemed
like he was thinking, " What did I do to make her want
to give me away". I left the car in tears. I never heard
from the lady. She seemed nice, but you never know. I
pray that he has a had a happy home.... and that he
sometimes gets some treats of ice cream.