Pearl's Page
We adopted Pearl when she was about two years old... six weeks after she had her first litter of
puppies. Actually we had gone to see a puppy advertised as being a silver color. When we got there
the lady tried to convince us that the pup was silver, but it was what we call a "dark buff" and we
were not interested. As we were backing out of the driveway we spotted an old shack with a small
yard with two very large Cocker Spaniels in it. Then we spotted a small dog face  peeking out from
behind the shack. She was tied behind it.. We asked "who is that?" and the lady told us that she was
the mother of the pup and was "for sale". We walked over to see her and SHE was actually
silver.When she saw us coming near, her tail wagged so hard her whole behind wagged too. She was
dirty and matted but we could see she was a pretty girl. We immediately wanted her. The lady took
our money but said she couldn't "find" her registration papers. My friend who came with us ( and
knows about such things) said we would call AKC right then to see if we could get  duplicate papers
and they said "yes". So she let us take Pearl home with us. In the meantime I think the lady changed
her mind about selling Pearl because she took her time sending us the papers. After we finally got
the papers we saw her pedigree and it was full of champions.We cleaned her up and she was
absolutely beautiful. She was, as some would say, nearly"show quality".We fell in love with her
immediately and she with us. We spoiled her as much as a furbaby can be spoiled. She sleeps with us
and has always  been a house dog. She has NEVER been put in the kennel. Pearl is deathly afraid of
thunder .She wlll not even sit on the front porch with us if bad weather threatens. We love her dearly.
Pearl lived with us  the rest of her beautiful life. She was not a good breeder. She would fight the
males. She finally had ONE litter of two little puppies, neither was silver. One little girl was red and
just beautiful. The other was a buff male named Tippey  that we gave to our daughter.We never tried
to breed her again. When she was twelve she died here at home..... a peaceful natural death of old
age,  knowing how very much we loved her. The vet said her kidneys finally gave out. We miss her
desperately and think of her very often. We have never again had a true silver, even though for a long
time after Pearl's death we tried to find one. May you rest in peace my darling baby.
Tippy, Pearl's son
Kobe, Pearl's
Kobe and
Lea, his  
ROXY , a, beautiful
little red girl, one of
the  two puppies she
gave us