Libby's Page
When we first decided to breed Cocker Spaniels we adopted two little girls from a lady in
Opelousas. We named them Libby, who is  black, and Fanny, who is a brilliant red. Their Mom
was a copper color. Both became smaller than average adult Cocker Spaniels and we like that.
I believe Libby is a little smaller than Fanny.Libby also has a little bit fuller and longer coat
than Fanny, as most black Cockers do. At that time we had only three Cockers, the two little
girls and a buff male named Cody.  You might say, we have "cut our breeding teeth" on them.
We have made and are still making many mistakes, but we are learnin by trial and error,
talking to other breeders, talking to our vet who is a dear old man, and getting reasonably good
at it. We are keeping them all in the house. Soon we will have kennels built if we get many
more dogs. We love our dogs and treat them as children to be cared for and loved. Libby has
gotten very beautiful as you can tell by the pictures. We hope she gives us many beautiful
puppies with her genes....................................................................


......................And she did. Libby was the first to have puppies. She was a good breeder. I
remember the first time she went into heat we were watching TV in the livng room and she was
sleeping on the couch. Cody wanted to have sex with her so he stood by her and barked until it
was like she was thinking, "Well, Ok, I guess I better get down or you are not going to shut
up" ,and she jumped down from the couch to accomodate him. We had a good laugh. She got
pregnant at her first heat. We didnt know better at that time. She had a beautiful litter of six
puppies, some black and some buff. All absolutely adorable.W kept them in a large cardboard
box next to my side of the bed. We had a heat lamp to keep them warm. Both Cody and Fanny
were curious about the puppies and kept peeking in. I realized I could supplement our
retirement income by selling puppies. Thats when I quit substitute teaching and put my whole
heart into it.  I started reading everything I could about it, talked to other breeders, and to my
vet. I started to just love my new job..... and I loved  my darling babies that were such a big part
of it. Birthing puppies never got matter of fact. Each time it was another miracle.
first litter
Libby was a good breeder and she continued to give us puppies for a long time..... way too long.
We were new at this and we didn't know better. We should have retired her long before we did.
Libby developed breast cancer as a result of  puppies... too many, too soon. She loved her babies,
though. I remember her last pregnancy  produced only one little black pup and it died shortly
after birth. She licked on it seems like forever and she wouldn't let me take him out of the
whelping box.. I finally had to sneak a small fuzzy toy into the kennel to replace him and remove
him. I could tell she was depressed for a while. Right after that we found out about the cancer. We
selfishly kept her for a good while until we couldn't stand to see her suffer any more.We could do
nothing to cure it that wouldn't hurt her more, besides costing a fortune, so we had her put to
sleep. I cried for days about it. I still do when I remember. She was one of our first experiences
with dog breeding and its was like losing a first child.