Kissey Love's Page
Kissey is one of Daisy's puppies, and, like Daisy, she is a roan, but instead of black spots and black
"tics" , her's are a light buff. She was such an adorable puppy. When she was just a tiny thing, Carroll
used to hold her up and say,"kissey, kissey, kissey", and she would plant dog kisses all over his face,
hence the name "Kissey Love". Kissey, like her mom has the chocolate gene. When bred to a chocolate
male she will have a mixture of chocolate and black puppies. She is a good breeder and easily has large
litters. Her puppies are always healthy and just adorable.We love, love, love her,and never tire of her
wet kisses.
She had this litter that all look just like her. They
look like buff and white parti's, but will get their
tics when they get older
This is  one of her chocolate and
black litters. all are so adorable.
The chocolate ones have blue
Kissey lived with us for many years and had many adorable puppies for us. She was an easy breeder and
never had trouble giving birth to large litters. When she was seven years old, we decided it was WAY PAST
TIME  to retire her. Even thought she dearly loved her babies AND everyone else's babies, ENOUGH  IS
ENOUGH. Her breasts were beginning to sag from TOO MANY babies. She still looked pretty though,
because her hair was long and her fringe hid it.We had her spayed and she lived out the remainder of her
life here giving us many many kisses until she" passed over the bridge" peacefully from old age.
kissey -------->
This is  Daisy's
litter that
Kissey was in.
She was the
only light
colored one.
Even though
her tics are
buff, she is still
considered a
roan like her
This is  Daisy,
Kissey's Mom. She
has many
champions in her
pedigree. Daisy is
a beautiful black
and white roan
and is also
chocolate factored.