Juliana's Page
Julianna, or Julie,  was  very special to us. Daisy, who is her
mother, was in the whelping box in the back room giving birth to
her second litter. As usual, I was with her doing the usual things,
such as wiping off each of them  after they were born and keeping
the litter box fresh
She had had several puppies, a solid black and two black and white parti's, when she gave birth to Julianna. I
wiped off Julie and she looked different. Instead of black and white  she looked more brownish. I knew that  
Daisy had brown genes, but the dad wasn't brown. I hurridly wiped off the little girl  and took her, along with one
of her black and white brothers , into the living room to show my husband  and compare colors., I asked if she
looked brown to him. We agreed that she definitely wasnt black and white. We were delighted, because at the time
we had no brown Cockers at all. When she got a little older we could tell she wasn't brown and white, but SABLE
and white. Juliana is our "little prize". Julie is extremely smart and curious and she is a "jumper". We can't
keep her out of anything.When Julie was about eight weeks old she had an accident that blinded her in her left
eye. We, to this day do not know what happened, but I screamed to my husband when I saw little Julie running
around with her left eye completely popped out of the socket. We rushed her to the vet and he fixed it, but she
never did regain sight in that eye. Being blind in one eye didn't slow her down a bit.When we left to go somewhere
, Julie would wait by the window . Her little face at the window was the first thing we saw when we returned
home. When someone came to the door Julie was right there with me to greet them.For years Julie gave us many
beautiful puppies, some sable like her. She was our little prize and one of our "very special"girls. One evening in
early December someone had come over here to pick up one of her puppies for adoption.. When he left, unknown
to us, she followed him out the gate . He came back, knocking at the door, to tell me that Julie was half way down
the block on the way to the park. When I called her she started back, and crossing the street she missed getting hit
by a car by about one inch. Later she was not so lucky.Her curiosity was her down fall. She got out and we
searched everywhere for her. I put an ad in the paper. A lady called me and said she thought she knew where
Julie was. She had seen pictures of her on my web page. It was not good news. Julie had made her way to the
highway, but it  looked like she was on the way back home when she was hit and killed by a car. I cried for nearly
three days. Julie was like a daughter to me. We still miss her.
One of Julie's sable
and white parti's
One of Julie's litters
Julie four days old
Juliana de Cocoa