Joey's Page
His name is "Carroll's Little Joey". We adopted him from someone who was rehoming some
of their grown dogs.We knew if we were ever going to have any pure bred Poodle puppies we
needed another male besides Elvis, because Elvis is Tiffany's sister. Joey is a smaller Toy
Poodle than Elvis, more like a "Tiny Toy" which makes him more suitable to breed with our
Peaches.  Peaches,who is a "Tiny Toy"  can be bred to either male. Since we registered Joey  
with CKC we were allowed to change his name, so we named him after our other little Joey
"Joey de Jewel" that we had stolen from us. He looks a lot like our other Joey and is about
the same age, but a good bit smaller. I believe he is just a little bit prettier and friendlier
than our first Joey. However, he is yet to prove himself as good a stud as our other Joey. He
is very friendly and gets along with the other dogs real well. Elvis is a little jealous, but he
tolerates him.We are trying our best to spoil him a lot so he will "fit in". So far he just wants
to be a "good little boy".We love him already.
Sorry to say this broke our hearts, but one day the dogs got out of the yard. A
neighbor from across the street came furiously knocking at our door to tell us,
and we rushed out to rescue them. We got all of them back except Joey . Possibly
he traveled farther than the others and was hit by a car or, someone saw him
and picked him up. He WAS a precious looking little thing. We drove all over
the neighborhood looking for him praying all the time that he did not get killed
by a car. Gladly we did not find him and choose to believe someone has him,
loves him and is giving him a good home. We no longer have Elvis, and this left
us without a pure bred male poodle. We now do not have poodle puppies... just
Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos, because our only male is a Cocker Spaniel. We
have not tried to replace him. We couldn't anyway. This makes the second white
male poodle we have managed to somehow lose. Too much bad luck... time to
give up..Our hearts are broken.