Fanny's Page
Fanny is "flaming red". She is the redest red Cocker I haver seen. Some say she is "Irish Setter  
Red" and she is beautiful. She is beautiful inside and out. Fanny is the sweetest and most gentle
and loving dog. She is good. She listens. When other girls have very large litters and she has milk
she will take other girl's puppies to suckle. She sometimes helps other girls with delivery of their
pups and comforts new mothers by licking their faces and ears while in labor. We call her our
"mid wife". We adopted Fanny and Libby who were sisters from the same litter, from a lady here
in Opelousas. They were the first two little females we had and the start of our "puppy business".
At the time , before we adopted Fanny and Libby, we had just a  grown male Cocker named
Cody. We didn't even have a fenced yard, but soon had the whole yard fenced, divided into yard
and dog yard, and kennels built. Libby was not red like Fanny. She was black. Fanny has given
us many beautiful red puppies. Fanny has mostly been a house dog. We really didnt know much
about breeding puppies at the time, so we are glad we had such a wonderful little girl to learn on.
We did pretty well by trial and error and talking to other breeders. Fanny was like a "first child"
and she  has endured our inexperience in stride. We love her very very much.
We "retired" Fanny from breeding when she was six years old. Although she had no
puppies of her own she continued to help take care of the other girls' babies. As she got
older she lost a lot of her brillant color, especially on the face. She lost color but her eyes
and mind stayed sharp as a tack. She was always healthy. Fanny could  somehow mentally
communicate with me through her expressions, and helped me in my breeding program in
many ways. Fanny was "almost human". She died at home of old age when she was fifteen.
I deeply miss her.
Fanny had just had a litter that
although they were weaned, she still
had milk so when Taffey died in
childbirth she took over the care of
Taffey's new borns and raised them
Fanny nursing  
Taffey's new born
sable litter
Fanny Is Flaming Red
Fanny was always
so proud of her
Fanny loved
puppies, her's as
well as everyone