DOTTIE  DIVA is a red and white parti-colored puppy we kept.  Everyone who meets Dottie loves her.
She has such cute and lovable ways and is super friendly.  Dottie is very intelligent and also very
mischievous. She loves to perch up high so she can see everything that is going on. Her favorite spot
is on top of the back of the couch.  Dottie has many toys,  but she is  just as happy playing with an old
rag.  One of her favorite things to do is to tear up paper.  Her favorite is toilet tissue.  She loves shoes,
too. We have to be careful to put away our good shoes.  Dottie sleeps with us .  Her favorite spot is
near Mama's pillow.  As you have probably figured out, Dottie gets into a lot of trouble.  But  YOU
Dottie's first litter born Oct 29 when she was two years
old. Dottie is a very good and loving mother.
EMILY..two of
Dotties pups
Does this remind you of
anyone?  This is LUCY,
Dottie's daughter
Dottie about the same
age as Lucy
Dottie's Page
Dottie Now in 2011
On April 25, 2011 Dottie was nine years old.It saddens me to see her getting old. She has lost most of the
red coloring that was around her eyes and her coat is not quite as full. She is not nearly as active as she
used to be , but other than that seems to be fairly healthy. She is still the diva she used to be and she lets  
the other dogs know that she is still "in charge". They respect her.We do not try to breed Dottie any more.
Sometimes it may happen by mistake and it will either not take or she has just one puppy. She still sleeps in
the bedroom with us but now instead of sleeping in the bed with us she prefers to sleep on a taffeta pillow
on the table by Mom's side of the bed. Gracie, Dottie's grand daughter and one of Emily's pups, sleeps in
Dotties old place in the bed between Mommie and Daddy's pillows. The last time Dottie had puppies she
had just one little boy whom she seemed to love dearly. I have a picture of her with him as the photo on my
desktop. We still love her very very much, and we hope to  have many more years with her.
Dottie with her one little boy
Dottie "crossed over the bridge" peacefully in her sleep Feb 20, 2013. She had been having
breathing problems due to congestive heart failure. That night she came up to my side of the
bed and tapped me to ask for help getting into our bed. She was too weak to get in by
herself. I helped her up and she took her place on my left side under the covers with my
hand stroking her back. I noticed her breathing was very bad. She was "snoring" really  
loud. Dottie died in her sleep, knowing that she was very much loved. We miss her terribly.
She was still beautiful.
You and
Carroll and all
our other
doggies who
have passed.....
take care of
each other and
wait for me. I
hope it will not
be too long that
I will be joining
you. my darling
Dottie was such an
adorable puppy and she
is a beautiful adult girl.
Words cannot express how much I miss you. I wish I
could join you NOW but I have the remaining few dogs
to take care of for a little while longer. I hope it will not
be too long. I am very lonely As football season is
starting i especially miss having you to watch LSU and
Saints games with me.