Daisy Darlin'
 Daisy was our first parti colored puppy. We adopted her from a lady who has a kennel in north Louisiana.
They have water on their property and as a result snakes sometimes come around the property. Daisy and
her littermates had been frightened really bad by a snake that had gone into in the kennel. As a puppy she
was extremely withdrawn.  She didnt want to be held or petted. We didnt give up on her though. We just
kept giving her all the love we could. Daisy didnt fully bond with me until she had  her first litter of puppies.
I helped and comforted her through a bad time and she started trusting me. Now she is very lovable. You
cant keep her off your lap, but  she is still a little frightened of strangers. Daisy has a fine pedigree.  Her
bloodline on her father's side includes champions from Sta Mar's, EZ Street and B Mac's kennels.  All the
freckles (called tics) in her white spots will classify her as a roan. She is chocolate factored, so, when bred
to a chocolate male she throws off chocolate pups as in her latest litter. Daisy is a beautiful and a much
smaller than average Cocker Spaniel. We love her very much.


Daisy lived with us nearly all her life, and had many beautiful puppies for us. Some were black roans like
her and some  were chocolate, because since she had chocolate genes , when bred to a chocolate male, she
would have chocolates or chocolate parti's. As she approached old age she developed cateracs in both eyes
and eventually became completely blind. Since she had lived here most of her life, and we kept her in the
house all the time, and she could navigate pretty well, but eventually started running into walls and other
things. Also, her teeth got very bad and she had trouble chewing her food. It hurt us to see her this way so
we decided it might be best to have  her put to sleep. She died peacefully in my arms, knowing that she was
loved very much. I cried for a good while afterwards, but we knew it was the unselfish and right thing to
do.  We still miss having her around. She was such  a good girl.
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