Cody's registered name is Cody Carroll Glasscock.  He is named after Carroll. We got him as a puppy. He was our only dog and very, very spoiled.. We knew
very little about dogs, except that we loved him dearly and we spoiled him terribly.We even went so far to set him a place at the table and he ate with us. Cody
loved human food, especially oranges. I have never known a dog that loved oranges except Cody.... I know , we were crazy... and still are.  He went with me
EVERYWHERE. If I went to visit my neighbor , Cody came too and sat next to me in the swing on her porch.. If we took him to the vet, he jumped up and sat
in the seat beside me like a human. When someone came to the front door, Cody was right there beside me. I don't think he knew he was a dog.He was my
little boy.  Carroll was working at night, and Cody was my protector. Cody slept with me .  He was "my dog" and I was his "mom". We knew very little about
what Cockers were supposed to look like then and didn't really care. We loved Cody and that was that. Not long after I retired from teaching in 1997, Carroll
had heart surgery, and as a result also lost one leg. He was handicapped and couldn't work, so we had only our retirement money to live on. Another breeder
suggested we start raising and selling puppies to supplement our income. We adopted two little females from the same litter.....Fanny, who was red and Libby
who was black  and "we were in the dog business". We really had no idea what a really pretty Cocker was supposed to look like until then.(AKC Standards)
While the girls were growing up we had time to research it and learned a lot about puppy breeding. Cody, even though his coat wasn't that full, his nose was
rather long, and he was a large Cocker Spaniel,  for several years he made some beautiful puppies for us with the two little girls, Fanny and Libby.  Libby
had a really full coat and Fanny was a brilliant beautiful red color.  We started learning more about Cockers and what they were supposed to look like. We
started acquiring male dogs much prettier than Cody and started using  them for breeding.We had outdoor kennels built and although the new dogs were kept
outside and Cody  inside as "head dog", he  still didn't like the situation a bit. He was the "king" of the "human yard". This didn't matter, he fought with the
new males through the kennel fence. He didn't understand  that we didnt love him any less. We just wanted prettier puppies so we had him neutered. This
helped considerably. Cody could "be friends" with some of the females that stayed in the house without making puppies and this satisfied him. He was still
"OurHeadDog" and until he passed over the bridge from old age, he was the only male kept in the house. He loved oranges so we buried him in the dog yard
and planted an orange tree near his grave. I put the little tree through a cinder block so the other dogs in the dog yard wouldn't hurt it. I think it also held in
the summer heat and prevented the tree from freezing. The tree grew  and Grew, ....AND GREW...... It broke the cinder block. Every December it makes
beautiful and very sweet oranges... and we think about Cody. Today its about twelve feet tall and gets full of oranges every year. We always remember Cody
and we will always have a special place in our hearts for  him, because he was OUR FIRST.......... our "Heart Dog".
I have lots and lots of pictures of Cody,
Fanny, Libby  and their puppies in my
picture albums. I don't have many for the
website because at that time I didn't have a
digital camera.
Cody Carroll's
Page.....a story of a dog
and an orange tree
<--------The Orange tree
when first planted over
Cody's grave, now 12 feet