If you would like to adopt a puppy or dog or be put on the waiting
list, please fill out this application and then press "submit"
Thank you for filling out the application. Your name will be put on a waiting list and
you will be e mailed when pups like you want are available.
Our Cocapoo puppies will be registered with CKC.You may take the information off of
the CKC form and register them with the American Cockapoo Club if you desire.   The
pups will have been wormed three times starting at two weeks old and will have been
given the first of the three combination shots that they need to be protected. . Our
puppies are healthy, but you will be given  three work days after you pick up your pup
in which,  if you desire,  you may have your pup checked by your own vet. If anything
is SERIOUSLY wrong ( not something that can be easily treated such as ear mites or
loose stools..( SEE THE CONTRACT)  with the pup it will be REPLACED  when
another is available. There will be NO CASH REFUNDS.  To view the actual contract
The Glasscock Cockapoos