Cindy's Page
Cindy is Taffey's puppy and Dottie's littermate. I had promised the lady in Eunice who gave us Taffey
that she could have the pick of Taffey's first litter with us. She chose Cindy. She had named her
"Scooter" at first, then she decided it was too much of a "boy" name so she then changed it to
"Sacha". She kept her for a few months and then asked if we would take her back, because she also
didn't get along with her girl, Mona. We were beginning to believe maybe Mona was just to spoiled to
get along with any other dog. We gladly took her back but then we changed her name to Cindy Lou, a
good southern name. We then started calling her "Cincy Lou Who" because the poor darling had had
so many names she just didn't know what to answer to. Cindy was quite a bit larger than Dottie, even
as a very young puppy, and Dottie has more white in her coat. Dottie has a livilier disposition . Cindy is
a quiet girl. We kept Cindy for several years and she had many beautiful puppies for us. We loved her
very much and she had a wonderful life with us, but one day an elderly man we knew that  came to visit
us and he fell in love with Cindy. He didn't want the hassel of a new puppy, but wanted a dog  to keep
him company. Cindy was very affectionate, quiet and house trained, so we  let him adopt Cindy. From
what I have heard he spoils her as much or more than we did. Cindy is getting older now, but still
living the "good life"
Dottie and Cindy when Puppies
Dottie and Cindy when grown