Chocko Jocko's Page
Choco Jocko is a chocolate with tan Cocker Spaniel that we adopted from a breeder in Missouri. We had
been wanting to adopt some chocolate Cockers for a while, and having bad luck doing so. We adopted a
little six week old solid chocolate female puppy from a breeder in Walker, Louisiana and she died  after
we had her for less than a week.When I called the breeder to tell her the pup had died is when we learned
how deadly the parvo virus is. Her whole litter had it and she lost most of them.She had sold us a sick
puppy. Even worse, I had unknowingly put the pup in with some of my own puppies the same age, and
they caught it from her. I lost all my puppies and I now had parvo germs in my kennel. It is very hard to
get rid of even after soakng with clorox. I know this because I then had a friend in Montana who had
previously bought two of our pups. I told him what had happened, and he told us he knew someone with
chocolate pups. He works for an airline and flies for free, so he said he would hand carry the pup to us
We met him at the air port.. We were so happy and the pup was adorable with the prettiest blue eyes. We  
had her for about two weeks when she, too, developed parvo and died. . Thank goodness this time we
didn't lose any of our own puppies, because we had sense enough to isolate her from them until we knew
she was ok. She wasn't. We are assuming that we had been sold another sick puppy or the parvo germ
was somewhere still in our kennel and she caught it. We were very sad that the pup died, but worse was
that we again had  parvo germ in our least that this time all our pups had completed their
shots series when she arrived, so they did not catch it. We had lost two chocolate puppies from parvo and
probably still had the germ in our kennel. We felt depressed and terribly unlucky. We saw some chocolate
puppies on the internet from a  breeder in Missouri. They were very expensive, but we wanted some
chocolates really BAD.We wanted a female and a male who were not related so we could breed them for
chocolate pups. We told this breeder the bad luck we had had and we wanted the puppies , but we wanted
to wait until they had all their shots. He agreed that it was a good idea,  so we waited and when they had
had all their shots and it was safe, he air shipped  them  to us. He had already named them . Because one
of the pups we lost to parvo was named Bonnie, we changed the name of the female (Bonnie) to Cocoa,
but kept Jocko's name. We live about a thirty minuite drive from the airport, and it was the longest thirty
minuites ever. When we got home we let them out of their crate. I don't know who was happpier, us or the
two little dogs. They were so friendly one would have believed we had had them all their lives. They were
so pretty with blue-green eyes...Just adorable .. Cocoa had many chocolate puppies for us that were all
adorable, and Jocko fathered many solid chocolate, and chocolate with tan points puppies with our girls
who were not chocolate, but had chocolate in their pedigree.  We had our chocolates at last!......see update
following pictures.
When we were downsizing our kennels, we knew a man in Vinton, Louisiana that had adopted
puppies from us, and we had also adopted some of his puppies.. We got to know him well and we
knew that Jocko would have a good home with him... He is a nice guy. He adopted Jocko and he
said Jocko was very happy there. Jocko lived out his days there and died a natural death from old