Betsey Ross's Page
Betsey Ross was one of Dottie's puppies born on the Fourth of July, hence the name "Betsey
Ross".  She is the most beautiful and well marked black and white parti I have ever seen. She
inherited a lot of her Mom's traits and is quite the rascal. She is very curious which makes her get
into things that are none of her business. Before we groomed her for the first time she grew a
"moustache" and we teased her about it.  Of course she didnt't know what we were talking about,
but loved the attention. When Betsey was close to two years old she started whimpering for no good
reason. She would also have bad dreams, cry in her  sound sleep, and had to be awakened.. We
needed to find out what the problem was, so we took her to the vet . Poor baby had bladder stones.
We had them removed and she was spayed at the same time. She felt much better after that, and
became her old, playful self again. The problem  was that she had to be on a special diet  to keep
the stones  from returning. This was next to impossible for us, because she would eat the other
dogs' food. We decided that it might be better if we tried to find a good home for her. Even though
we loved her a lot we knew it was the best thing for her. We found her a loving home with children
to romp and play with and she is the only dog. Though I can't say we do not miss her