Bailey's Page
2013...Baily is now 9 years old
.Baily grown
Bailey and her mom 9 years ago
Bailey and her "sister" ready for
Such an adorable puppy
Such LONG ears. Nothing
wrong with HER hearing
This is Bailey and her Mom, Melissa.
2013......Nearly nine years ago a couple from Erath, Louisiana came to our kennel broken hearted and
very distrustful of dog breeders in general. They had just lost their precious "Missey", a Cocker they had
and loved for a long time. Their house seemed so empty and lonely without her,  that they had been to
another breeder in hopes of regaining some of the "doggie love" that they were craving. It turned out to
be a bad experience for them, because the poor baby was deaf and had other things wrong with her.
When they told the breeder they were not treated kindly, but they took the pup back. By now they were
totally broken hearted but still wanted a puppy. They came to us, still very distrustful that they may get
the same kind of treatment. It so happens we had a very healthy, smart, and lovable little light buff
female that ,as far as color, appearance, and sex was concerned, was just what they had wanted. They
asked a million questions which we kindly and patiently answered, because we understood what they had
been through. We do not just "sell" pups we have them "adopted." It's "love" that we sell. Bailey has
turned out to be "the love of their lives". They are one of the few people who  have adopted our puppies
and with whom we are still in contact . We have received many e- mails, pictures, Christmas  cards and
stories of Bailey's antics from them.. I get stories of all the things Bailey does..... going to the beach,
vacations with them, Christmas, and birthday parties. Bailey is very smart and has a really cute
personality, besides  being beautiful. Even though Bailey is now 9 years old, she is still beautiful and
healthy.They have taken wonderful care of her. These are some of the nicest people who have adopted
one of our babies. If everyone were like this I could say I was "a happy dog breeder".They love Bailey as
much as I love my dogs....... and THAT'S A LOT.